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In order to use the website, the first step is to register. Registration is free until December 31, 2021. You can expect to incur a 5,000 HUF/year thereafter. Registration is easy. There are only a few required boxes to be filled out.

Upload Your Vacation Home or Your Flat

In the next step you need to provide the details of the property or time share that you would like to exchange, so that others will be able to view them. For this you need to put down the location, a few pictures, and the basic information about your property (rooms, amenities, number of guests it can accommodate, etc.) Place the dates you would like to exchange properties on the Occupancy Chart.

Find the Vacation Home of Your Choosing and Simply Exchange it for Yours

Start picking out the properties you like immediately after Admin Approval. After you have selected the vacation home you like, the owner of that property will get a notification email. If the interest is mutual, indicated by them selecting your property, you will both receive each other’s information. You will then be able to get in touch with one another and discuss the details of your exchange. Unfortunately, if you do not hear back, you'll have to search for a different property.

The Villma (Villa Sharing Application) represents the birth of an idea created out of boredom with my own timeshare. As a first in Hungary its presence has exploded in the lives of traveling vacationers. As a vacation home, timeshare or basically any real estate owner, in a split second you can upload your own ad and browse content uploaded by others. provides an opportunity to simultaneously be both the host and the guest. Use what's already yours!
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