1. How does it work?

Villma functions only as a liaison. After registration and mutual liking, you can see each other's contact information in your account. After this you can discuss the details of the exchange.

2. How many times can I exchange?

An unlimited amount of times.

3. How long will registration be free?

Until 12/31/2021. After that, we are planning on having a 5000 HUF/year registration fee.

4. If someone liked my property, do I need to like theirs back?

No, you need only to like the properties where you would want to vacation.

5. What can I do if the property gets damaged?

You always have the option of requesting a deposit up front. You can find a form for this in our Documents section.

6. Do we need to exchange at the same time?

No, you have the option to exchange at different times. This is a matter for individual discussion.

7. Can I register multiple properties?

You can upload 2 accommodations per registration.

8. Can I register my parents' or my grandparents' vacation home?

Yes, provided they agree to this.

9. Can I exchange timeshares?


10. When can I see my uploaded property?

After Admin Approval; usually within 1-2 workdays.

11. Can I also register a foreign accommodation?

Yes, from anywhere in Europe.

12. Do I need to reveal the details of my property's address on the website?

No, if you don't wish to reveal your property's exact address, then you can simply put down the city and zip code.

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